Tile & Grout


There are different types of Tile and Grout. Our trained tecnicians will identify your type of tile and the best solutions to ReNu them to their original condition.


Tile Types

Ceramic or man made tiles

Natural Stone (Marble, Travertine, Slate & Granite)

Natural Stone may be sealed for protection, to provide a shine or to enhance the color of the tile.


Grout Types 

Un Sanded (for very thin grout lines usually 1/8 inch or less)

Sanded - used for most installations

Epoxy - best choice

Grout may be unsealed or sealed with a clear color coating or color sealed.  


How we clean your tile and grout is determined by the type of tile and whether your grout has been sealed previously or not.


Many companies are just using their carpet cleaning equipment and staff to attempt and clean your tile.  

Our equipment and training allows us to break the cycle of soil in your home or business.  

We are not just pushing the dirt, grime and soil around your floors and facility but picking it up and removing it.

We recommend you seal your grout to prolong its appearance after our cleaning process.